Designing the perfect nursery

Designing the perfect nursery

There’s a sweet and dreamy quality to the notion of designing a nursery. However, the practical work of creating a safe, comfortable, beautiful, serene room for a baby can feel overwhelming. When designing the perfect nursery there’s a lot to do and many things to consider. Not only do you need to pick the colours, plan the layout but you also need to carefully select the right nursery furniture. This baby nursery design guide will walk you through all the necessary steps to achieve a well-designed baby nursery.

Designing the perfect nursery

Mood board

A mood board is a great starting point and a lot of fun. Put together colours, textures and things that are important to you. For example, clippings of beautiful rooms you admire, pictures of furniture. Or everything and anything you would like to see incorporated in your nursery design project. Sit back and get a real feel for the styles, colours, textures, and themes that are predominantly featured in your mood board. Those design elements are what should form the basis for your nursery design.

Space plan

Next, it’s time to do some measuring. Head over to the room which will be used as your baby’s nursery equipped with a tape measure and notebook. You will need to measure the perimeter of the room and mark all the doorways, closets, etc in your plan. A good floor plan is essential to helping you figure out the right sizes of furniture you should purchase. Moreover, it will help you know the best placement for the crib, dresser and other furniture.

Colour scheme

Pick a colour scheme for your nursery design project. By now you should have a better idea of what colours speak to you and what direction you want to go with. Are you thinking of some beautiful neutral colours or are you leaning towards a gender-specific colour scheme? Do you have a piece of art that you treasure and must be incorporated into your nursery design project? If so, you need to pick a colour scheme around it. Otherwise, use the mood board as your inspiration and pick your colours.


Look for the perfect crib for your baby. The baby will spend a lot of time in the crib so it’s essential that you pick a crib that’s comfortable, safe and stylish.

Changing table or dresser

Decide whether you want a dresser or a changing table. Dressers when paired with a changing topper give you so much more storage. In addition, the baby can also continue to use the dresser as she transitions to a kids room. Pick one that you think will work for your baby’s needs.

Nursery chair

Yet another extremely important pick is the nursery chair. You will spend so much time sitting in this chair as you rock, feed and cuddle your baby. Look for a chair that’s both comfortable and stylish.


Now that you’ve picked the must-have furniture pieces, you can start looking for a rug, curtains and beddings. Textiles are an essential element of design and choosing the correct textiles will transform your baby’s nursery from so-so to gorgeous. Textiles you choose for the nursery should be practical and durable.


Don’t let the lighting for the nursery be an afterthought. Mixing light sources at different levels will create a flattering ambience in the nursery. Make sure you get dimmer switches to go along with whatever light fixtures you may choose.


You’ll be surprised at all the little things your baby will start to accumulate, so have a plan to keep the nursery clutter-free and organized. Storage bins, baskets, shelves and bookcases are great storage options and will help you keep messes at bay.

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