Making your home pet-friendly

Making your home pet-friendly

Pets are more than just animals. Besides providing companionship, there are also therapeutic benefits to owning a pet. Nevertheless, owning a pet is also a commitment and a responsibility. Our furry, feathered, and finned friends require time, attention, and as safe and comfortable a home as we do. When you’re planning a home for both you and your pets, consider their particular needs. Here we share a few tips, which can help you in making your home pet-friendly.

Making your home pet-friendly

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, then you need to think about making your home pet-friendly. You want to provide a safe environment where your pet will thrive, rather than bring them home to a house filled with dangerous hazards. This is our complete guide to making your home pet-friendly.

Invest in pet-friendly furniture

We cannot stress this enough! Stain-resistant fabric is the way to go when it comes to purchasing upholstered or slipcovered furniture. Those sharing their couches and chairs with animals should be wary of more than just pet hair and dander. Stinky odours and unwelcome stains can also seep into certain fabrics. When purchasing pet-friendly furniture, opt for furniture outfitted in synthetic microfiber, leather and “outdoor” fabrics.

Avoid rugs and carpets

Flooring is something that you need to look at. Make sure your home has hardwood floors or easy to clean textured tiles. It’s natural to have a desire to decorate your luxury modern home with exquisite rugs and carpets. Nevertheless, avoid furnishing your floor with rugs and carpets. If you own a dog or a cat, then having rugs in the house can accumulate hair and bacteria. This is not good for pets as well as you.

Store fragile and precious items high

Pets tend to play with anything and everything. To avoid them sniffing chemicals or breaking any glasses, make sure that you store fragile items higher. Medication should be stored out of reach from the pets in the house. Easily breakable things such as picture frames and vases can be kept out of reach of pets.

Install screens in your windows

If you plan on opening your windows during the summertime, we strongly advise installing window screens. Over the years, many pets have fallen out of high-rise buildings and two-story windows. Unfortunately, this can cause serious injuries and even death in pets. To keep your pets safe, install screens on upstairs windows as soon as you move into your new home.

Get trash cans with lids

Trash cans are usually filled with old food, harmful chemicals, pieces of indigestible items, etc. All of this can prove hazardous for your pet. Keep the garbage cover over the trashcan at all times. Trash cans with lids can stop your pets from getting into the trash. You can also store these cans in cabinets, closets, or outdoors.

Place pet-friendly indoor plants

Pet-friendly homes need to have indoor plants that do not cause unease to pets. If you are someone who loves to have a natural touch to your home décor, then you can have pet-friendly indoor plants. Spider plants, Parlor Palm, Areca Palm, etc., are pet friendly.

Keep your home clean

A pet-friendly home also involves keeping your home clean. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner if you have a pet that sheds a lot. You can also make a habit of brushing your pet outside the house to lessen the amount of dead hair inside the house.

Carve out a space for your pet

Kittens and pups will sneak into small, dangerous places the first chance they get. Give them their own space and you won’t have to worry about them seeking refuge where they don’t belong.

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