Tips for bathroom design

Tips for bathroom design

Building or renovating a bathroom is no small feat. There is a lot to consider when it comes to selecting fixtures, surface materials, cabinetry, and electrical and plumbing needs. Therefore, it’s crucial to plan well and consider how you and your family will use the space based on individual needs. Read on to get some expert insight and tips for bathroom design.

Tips for bathroom design

Plan an efficient layout

Even the dreamiest bathroom has to deal with plumbing drains, water lines, and vent stacks. Bathroom floor plans generally fall into one, two or three wet-wall layouts. A one-wall layout lines up the sink, toilet, and shower along one wall. It’s the most cost-effective design, but it’s also the most limiting. Moreover, make sure to allocate enough space for each functional area. Furthermore, avoid making the toilet the focal point of the bathroom.

Find the right components

The components you choose will not only determine the look and feel of your bathroom but also how much money you’ll be spending on it in the long run. Certain components such as toilets, taps, showers, and even accessories can fall apart or break over time, resulting in potentially costly replacements. You don’t necessarily need to splurge on the most luxurious fixtures, but find an optimal balance between quality and affordability.

Install adequate lighting

You need to determine a suitable lighting plan depending on how you prefer to enjoy your bathroom. Good lighting is an essential part of a practical bathroom. Do you need a well-lit space to see what’s going on in the mirror, or do you enjoy an intimate candle-lit bath? Ensure that task lighting and mirror lighting is correctly placed to avoid throwing shadows. Mood lighting is a great way to create a more relaxing atmosphere. Don’t forget the power of natural lighting. It can create an open, airy feel and shave a few dollars off your energy bill.

Take advantage of colour

Bathrooms can be a retreat, a way of unwinding or a place to refresh and start the day, so think about the colours you use and the mood you want to create. Similar to lighting, colour can go a long way in influencing the mood of your bathroom. Use warm colours for a more relaxing ambience and crisp pale colours and white for a more refreshing feel.

Choose low-maintenance materials

Durable and easy-to-maintain materials, such as porcelain and reconstituted stone, are your best bet for bathroom surfaces. Natural stone looks great, but because it’s porous, it requires more sealing and is more challenging to maintain over time. The biggest surface that will need regular cleaning in your bathroom is the floor, so choosing a simple to clean yet elegant material can save you a lot of time.

Go with durable materials

Water will go everywhere, steam from the shower can cause issues and heavy-duty cleaning products are often used in the bathroom. With so much abuse happening, it’s important to choose the most durable bathroom materials. If you don’t have durable materials, you’ll be remodelling or repairing your bathroom again in a few years.

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