Dining room decorating tips

Dining room decorating tips

The dining area, whether it’s a separate room or part of an open-plan zone, should be practical, functional, and beautiful. If you get the design right, your dining room has the potential to be one of the most-frequented rooms in your home, a place for family dinners, homework, and entertaining. A beautiful dining area, one that reflects your taste and style, makes the experience even sweeter. Now, imagine the perfect dining room décor. Whether it’s a stand-alone room or part of an open concept, your dining area should be practical, functional and beautiful! Here are some essential dining room decorating tips to help you get started.

Dining room decorating tips

Let the architectural details of your home guide you

To start with, always pick a dining room décor style that mimics the overall design of your home. This is essential to add character to your dining room and make a statement. This doesn’t mean that if you live in an old house you may not have a contemporary dining room. Mixing interior design styles and times works as long as the contrasting style is visually contained within the room.

Think of space and scale

You might find it challenging when you begin planning your new dining room, but furniture placement can be painless if you create a wishlist and a plan. Your planning process will be much easier if you think of the shape of the room and your traffic pattern. Remember that a dining room without a dining table is just that: a room. That is why it is critical to determine the purpose of your room. Is it only for eating and entertaining, or will it be multi-functional, such as serving as a workspace or a gaming area? Your choice will help you determine the size and shape of the table as well as the other pieces you’ll need for the space.

Mix different styles of furniture

Your home is such an intimate space and should reflect your personality with style. In order to be successful in achieving this, you must put the time and effort into determining your preferred design style. You can mix and match dining furniture in several ways. All you need to do is think outside the box!

Get the right size rug

Although interior designers often cite choosing an area rug size that’s too small for a space as one of the biggest decorating mistakes to avoid in any room, that doesn’t mean you should forgo one altogether. Area rugs are a staple for design and help to pull a room together as well as incorporate colour into the space. A rug should encompass all the furniture, including the chairs – even when people are sitting in them.

Dining room light fixtures

Your dining room chandelier is the main focal point of your dining area. From contemporary to traditional, there are many options and styles to suit your room design. The light over your table should reflect the table style and other furniture in the room. Your chandelier needs to be hung low enough so as not to have “bulb glare” in the eyes of your seated guests, yet not so low as to interfere with the conversation across the table.

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