Top amenities renters look for in a property

Top amenities renters look for in a property

When renters are searching for a new property to call home, certain features top their list. Having a property that contains these desirable features can help differentiate your rental from the competition. Let’s take a look at some of the top amenities renters look for in a property.

Top amenities renters look for in a property


Location always was and always will be the most important feature of a property. If you are in the right location, you can command higher prices for your rentals without having to do much else. Renovations and square footage become secondary concerns. People are much more willing to compromise on other amenities if they are in a location that is desirable to them in some way.

Available parking

For renters with cars, parking is incredibly important in a rental. Off-street parking is even more desirable. Being able to provide the tenant with a spot in the driveway or a garage will help get the unit rented quickly.

Storage space

If your rental property has walk-in closets and built-in storage space like large kitchen cabinets and pantries, you’ll most likely impress potential renters. Renters want ample space to store their belongings without having to purchase extra containers, wardrobes, etc. If you don’t have walk-in closets, consider building one into the rental property. Walk-in closets can be added without making major structural changes, so the renovation could be worth it. Most renters would prefer a smaller bedroom with extra storage space than a small closet in a spacious bedroom. Any additional storage space is always welcomed.

Security and safety

Everyone wants to feel safe in their homes, so it’s no surprise that renters are looking for safety features when searching for rentals. Gated access is one of the most popular amenities renters look for, but other common security amenities include alarm systems, automatic locking doors, security cameras, and secured package delivery. Along with security amenities, it’s important to make sure your rental property is compliant with local safety standards.

Outdoor spaces

Although it’s important to invest in unique features inside of the unit, outdoor space is also something renters are searching for. Renters appreciate areas like a small patio, balcony, roof garden, or fenced yard where they can go for fresh air or enjoy sunny weather. Special amenities like a swimming pool, tennis courts, a dog park, outdoor furniture, or fire pits can help renters envision themselves living at the rental property. Add in some shrubs, flowers, and other landscaping to enhance these spaces even more and improve your curb appeal.

Proximity to schools

It’s no good for families if your property is in a safe area but schools are quite a distance away. In fact, even tenants without children often take the quality of schools in the area into consideration, since they’re a good indicator of the neighbourhood as a whole.

Open floor plan

Renters love an open floor plan. An open floor plan can help a smaller space appear larger. Many feel a kitchen that is open to the living space allows for better entertainment.


Tenants love anything that looks or feels new. Every tenant knows that the essence of a rental means someone lived in the space before them, but they don’t want to see or feel that. Tenants want to feel special in this way about their flats and this is why renovations are so effective at getting units rented quickly. Renovated kitchens and bathrooms hold particular appeal.

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