7 things to inspect before renting a home

7 things to inspect before renting a home

Signing the lease to a new home or flat can be an exciting time for anyone. However, it’s important to not jump the gun and let that excitement get the best of you. There can be many things wrong with a home or flat that you may not see at first glance. This is why it’s crucial to do an in-depth check of the property before you agree to rent it. Here are 7 things to inspect before renting a home.

7 things to inspect before renting a home

1. Floors, carpets, walls and ceilings

When entering a potential new home or flat, some of the first things you generally notice are the floors, carpets, walls and ceilings. While it’s common for there to be minor imperfections like pinholes in the walls from the previous tenants’ pictures, you’ll want to make sure that any more severe damage like large holes in walls or stains in the carpets is noted. It’s important to indicate to your new landlord that those major damages were the fault of the previous tenant.

2. Water pressure, temperature, and plumbing

These items tend to go unnoticed when doing an initial walkthrough of a new home or flat. However, they are something we must deal with every day. There is nothing worse than unstable water temperature or pressure. Moreover, no one likes a shower that won’t drain or a toilet that doesn’t flush properly. Therefore, test the pressure and temperature on your hand to make sure it’s suitable. Make sure to run all the faucets and flush all the toilets to check for proper drainage. If you notice that there are issues, consult with the landlord or management company to see if something can be done to fix the issues before you move in.

3. Safety equipment

If there is any kind of emergency while you’re living in a rental property, you will want to be confident that the safety equipment is functioning properly. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors truly save lives in disastrous situations. It’s important to make sure they are in working order so that you will be alerted to any potential danger.

4. Pests

Oftentimes, pests like ants, cockroaches, and rodents will find their way into a rental property, and that is a huge problem for most people. Having pests living in your home is unsanitary and just plain disgusting in every way. It’s important to make sure that you’re vigilant in looking for indications of pests during the walkthrough of the rental property.

5. Appliances

Just like with the shower, toilet and sink in the bathroom, you might overlook lighting the stove, turning on the oven or checking the temperature of the refrigerator in the kitchen. You will be using them almost daily, so It’s important to test these appliances and make sure they are working properly.

6. Windows, lights, and light switches

If you’re viewing the rental unit during the day and there is a good amount of natural light, you might not think of turning on the lights in every room to ensure they work. But you should try to remember to do so. If the light switches don’t seem to work then notify the landlord. If bulbs need to be replaced in light fixtures, check with the landlord to see if you would be responsible for replacing them.

7. The lease

While doing a walkthrough to inspect things throughout your new potential rental property is important, it is also a good idea to review and scrutinise the contract you sign before you get the place. Read your rental contract from front to back and bring up any concerns you may have with your landlord before you sign it.

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