Benefits and drawbacks of buying a home on a busy street

Benefits and drawbacks of buying a home on a busy street

Finding the perfect house can be tough as there are lots of aspects to consider. One important issue is whether to buy a property in a busy location or a quiet one. Although you might assume that most people would want to avoid buying a house on a main road, there are actually pros to consider along with the cons. So here are some benefits and drawbacks of buying a home on a busy street.

Benefits and drawbacks of buying a home on a busy street

The benefits

It’s where the action is

A main road in any town will be busy. This means a lot of cars driving past and people on the sidewalk. If you love hustle and bustle, this could be a big plus. Therefore, if you like being part of a stimulating environment and value convenience, a house on a main road might be to your liking.

Proximity to public transportation

Living on a main road or a busy street will give you the benefit of easily hopping off and on a bus or whatever form of transportation you use. It’s likely that you will be near a bus stop or a train station so the ease of using public transportation is a huge plus when living on a main street.

Walking distance to amenities

If you’re the type of person who wants to be right next to lifestyle amenities such as restaurants, cafes and shops then buying a house on a main road may be right for you. Plus, the streets are well lit with many people around, so walking around may feel safer.

It’s a cheaper purchase

Not a lot of homebuyers are attracted to the idea of living on a main road because they are generally noisier. But if you want to be in the hustle and bustle of the city, then buying a house on a main street may be worth it since you can often buy these properties at a significant discount.

The drawbacks


The main concern when buying a house on a busy street is the noise. This is the reason there is less demand for these properties. But if you buy a property with well-insulated windows and doors you can reduce the amount of noise you’ll be able to hear from outside.


A lot of cars drive past houses on a main street so the quality of the air can be an issue. If you have health problems, this can be a big concern.

Lack of privacy

With a lot of people passing by you may feel like there isn’t much privacy. It can also be dangerous for your kids to play in the street because of the busy road.

Hard to sell

It is cheaper to buy on a busy street but it’s also harder to sell and it takes longer. How long will depend on the street, the neighbourhood, the amount of traffic, and also the quality of the house.

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