Perfect Dining Room Styles For Different Types Of Houses

Perfect Dining Room Styles For Different Types Of Houses

A house comes with many essential rooms, some tend to be more useful than others based on nature and characteristics that come with them. After the living room, the dining room is undoubtedly one of the most popular rooms in many houses. Most designers keep the two rooms side by side or just a stretch away from one another. From closed to open floor plans, the dining room can essentially come in different styles depending on the nature of your house. This article concentrates on highlighting different types of dining rooms based on features and hopefully, this can be an assisting guide in helping you select the design for your next dining room.

Main Type Dining Room

As mentioned above, dining rooms come in a range of designs based on your house. But looking back in time, dining rooms came in two main designs; enclosed, and open concept. Open concepts are popular today but it is enclosed concepts that dominated the past centuries. An open concept is simply one that stretches to join the kitchen and living room. It comes with more space and flexibility for movement and promotes interactions within the house. On the other hand, the enclosed concept is purely a formal setting that comes with the dining room alone hence dedicating the room to its unique purpose alone.

Formal Dining Room

Formal dining rooms come with an elegant style and furniture. It normally includes a square or rectangular table, a matching dining room set, accessories such as sideboard and china cabinet, and to add more garnish to its looks, are normally wall art pieces rather than family photos unless they are portraits. Formal dining comes with no limitations to fancy elements. This extends to glassware, flatware, and place setting. Accessories like crystal chandeliers also never miss as highlights of this room.

Traditional Family Dining Room

The difference between traditional and formal dining rooms lies vividly in the names but similarly, the designs that come with traditional dining rooms speak for themselves. A traditional dining room comes with a more intimate setting, one that calls for a family gathering and promotes conversations and sharing of ideas. Its mostly furnished with wooden material that curves into less formal and more casual designs. It is mostly accessorized with china cabinets with family elements like dishes, and to set up a more homelike atmosphere, one never misses elements that reflect on the family.

Farmhouse Dining Rooms

Another type of a common dining design is the farmhouse style that comes as less formal as it is mostly dedicated to family dining more than other uses. Its nature lies in its names as you would most definitely find one in a farmhouse. It comes with heavy furniture in wooden material mostly a rectangular table with chairs or bench for larger tables, located in a casual open space with furniture and accessories with signs of wear. It often comes with a hint of natural elements be it flowers, baskets full of fruits and vegetables, and normally located near a window hence offering a serene view of nature. If you live in a farmhouse, this type of dining room is a go-to spot for daily interactions. To highlight the mood of the room, one can give it a pop of color in muted tones like grays, blues, and greens. Vintage pieces also go a long way in highlighting the mood of your dining room.

Cottage Dining Rooms

A cottage Dining room is another famous style of dining rooms that usually conveys a high sense of hominess. It comes with very comfortable furniture and dining room sets that match but normally without the captain chair. Like its name, the cottage dining room is one that promotes a lesser authoritative mood as its design poses a very welcoming atmosphere. It is always hinted at with natural elements like floral patterns, cozy patterns, and wee-worn furniture and fixtures. A cottage dining room is spacious, open with a smaller table that is often round to encourage conversations. It extends to showcasing the kitchen, cabinets, and shelves making it a very interactive sphere.

Global Dining room

A global dining room comes with a very unique feel and this purely lies under the fact that it is a combination of various elements of different nature and cultures. It is normally highly accessorized with elements like statues and carved woods that you wouldn’t find in any other type of dining room. In other words, It is a room full of collections of global looks or focus on specific regions supported by bold colors that call for attention the minute you walk in the room. If you are looking to go a little more extra with your dining room, then the global style is one to put into consideration.

As showcased above, dining rooms come in different styles based on one’s housing design. The styles are not limited to the above mentioned alone. It is important to research and observe the type of dining room that will fit with your house’s design and purposes. On another note, houses are not limited to one dining design alone. You can explore different styles based on different settings within your house.

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