Different Types of Tiles For Modern Constructions

Different Types of Tiles For Modern Constructions

In this modern era, a lot of things make a perfect house. However, some items tend to stand out more than others due to the constant use that people put them to. Constructing a house or any other type of modern building, one has to complete with the finishing, and this is where the full constructions’ personality comes to life. In this modern era, tiles are a great element in finishing buildings, and people from all over the world have made use of them for both interior and exterior decoration. With popularity comes availability. Tiles are known to be available in an extensive number of types which make them uniquely fitting for specific settings within a building.

This article explores the different types of styles commonly used to either new or remodeled constructions.

Ceramic Tile

Like in most cases, tiles tend to have one type that holds the popularity and in this case, ceramic tiles top the list. Ceramic tiles are the most commonly used tiles in home constructions due to multifunctional applicability. They tend to fit perfectly in any room within the house be it the kitchen, bathroom, or entryways. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are widely known to be highly durable, and when it comes down to installation and maintenance, they do not disappoint. Ceramic tiles are available in a range of styles fit for any design that provide buyers with ample room for choice.

Porcelain Tiles

Close to ceramic tile in terms of popularity and usage are porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles come with a unique appeal due to the ability to easily emulate natural stones, brick, or wood but unlike ceramic, porcelain does not require close maintenance due to its natural elegant finish. Porcelain tile is known for offering high versatility in terms of design, as it comes in a number of styles, and colors. They are also known to fit perfectly in both interior and exterior designs, however, the installation process can be slightly complex.

Glass Tile

Glass is known for many things but one thing that many people tend to miss is glass tile. Glass is a solid material that is widely used for constructional and non-constructional purposes due to its high resistance ability. Glass is known to be easy to clean and also once design applied, it can offer a beautiful aesthetic look. With all the goodness comes the downside of using glass tiles. They tend to easily chip off when encountered by force, therefore, are not highly recommended in areas that experience less traffic.

Cement Tile

Once the word cement is in play, the next thing that one might have in mind is definitely not tile, as cement is well known for being a core material in construction, unlike decoration. Surprisingly, cement tiles have a history that runs back to the 19th Century, and henceforth has been known to be of high versatility in decoration due to its ability to provide catchy patterns and colors. They offer easy maintenance and one that can easily restore the newness, unlike many materials. Due to the nature of its material, cement tiles can be quite challenging to install.

Marble Tile

When it comes to lavish popularity, marble is self-explanatory. The material is known to be highly costly but one that comes with elegance. Marble tiles offer a beautifully set of appeal to any room be it the kitchen bathroom or laundry room. It gives you all the freedom to upgrade your favorite space in either patterns or veins. If you are looking to opt for marble tiles, you should keep in mind that they require a high level of maintenance in terms of cleaning and a close safety lookout from breaking, stain, and scratches.

Granite Tile

Another popular material that makes up outstanding tiles is granite. Granite like other materials mentioned above produces exceptional tiles that are well known and used widely worldwide. Granite is a natural stone that comes with many similarities to marble. Granite is a cheaper option for many people and it is mainly used as a secondary option in spaces that do not require a fancy appeal.


When it comes to exterior decor, limestone makes great natural stone tiles that can give your outdoor surroundings a complete turnaround. Limestone is popular for its rustic style that comes with natural tones, shades, and variation. They are known to be very durable but soft which makes them easy to cut into different shapes and patterns but on the other hand, it requires careful installation due to the nature of its material in order to avoid breaking. Additionally one should keep in mind the complexity of cleaning limestone tiles which sometimes calls for the need of a professional.

Listed above are the most popular types of tiles. The list goes on and on but if you are looking to upgrade your home interior or exterior, be sure to ask your local hardware store for any of the above types for an actual look and feel of the best types of materials that make outstanding tiles.

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