How to make your living space safe for your little ones

One of the main focuses for any parent is the safety of their children. The safety and security of your children is easier said than done. As a parent it seems like every single thing in and around your home is a threat to your children’s wellbeing. Fortunately, child-proofing your home is one less thing to worry about when you know how to do it properly. Read on to find out how to make your living space safe for your little ones.

Common household dangers

Let us begin by identifying a few household dangers that are often overlooked.


How could common household furniture be a danger? Children like to climb on things and quite frequently do so on pieces of furniture that tip over, crush them or pin them underneath. Unfortunately, there are many cases of children being injured or killed from items of furniture that have fallen on them. In addition, to the tipping risk of furniture, some pieces of furniture have sharp and rough edges.


Computers, television sets and gaming consoles are common in modern households. With these technological items becoming lighter and lighter it is easier for them to tip over. Moreover, these gadgets often have bright lights which attract children. All it takes is a one yank on a loose wire and something will come tumbling down and hurt your child. In addition, wires and cables are a potential strangulation hazard for children.


Young children are not yet aware of all the dangers posed by fire. In addition to the danger of severe burns, fireplaces pose other threats. Fireplaces also pose the risk of children choking from various gases.


Your home is full of electric sockets, and these do not mix well with your children’s tiny fingers. It is important to note that electric shock can seriously harm or kill your child. Small children often stuck their fingers or tiny toys into sockets.


Children are inquisitive and are bound to go exploring and climbing stairs without appreciating the dangers. Children can fall down stairs and seriously get hurt or killed.


Another danger that is in plain sight is posed by toilets. It is possible for small children to climb and fall into the toilet. As a result, your children could drown in the toilet water.


There is no question but swimming pools can be fun and relaxing additions to your home. However, swimming pools are one of the deadliest hazards around your home. Your children could easily fall into the swimming pool and drown.

Ways to baby-proof your living space

Now that you are aware of some of the inherent dangerous around your home it is time to look at effective counter measures.

Stabilise your furniture

Firstly, you can procure some furniture straps to help secure and stabilise your furniture. Stabilising your furniture will ensure that it does not fall on your children and hurt them. This is an investment that is worthwhile and could save your child’s life.

Secure your technology

Secondly, you will need to secure, bolt or strap your gadgets to prevent them from tipping over. In addition, it is essential that you place any cords or cables out of the reach of children. This will help you eliminate strangulation hazards.

Place a fireplace blockade

Thirdly, you should consider placing a solid, sturdy and effective boundary around your fireplace. This will make it possible to prevent your children from getting close to the fireplace. It is also important to place any fireplace accessories behind the fireplace boundary.

Use outlet covers

You should also buy and use outlet covers when your outlets are not in use. There are various options when it comes to outlet covers that will ensure your children stay safe.

Put up baby gates

Baby gates are an excellent way to restrict access to certain sections of your home. As such, place baby gates at the top and bottom of any staircases. Ensure that any baby gates you use are high and sturdy so they will not give out.

Use toilet covers

Another great way of keeping your little ones safe is to use toilet covers and baby-proof toilet locks. This will stop your little one from being able to lift the toilet lid and therefore prevent them from drowning.

Cover your swimming pool

Take the necessary steps to cover your swimming pool to prevent your child from drowning. One of the most effective ways to prevent a mishap is to erect a safety barrier around your swimming pool. Moreover, you can cover your swimming pool with child-safety covers.

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