Different Types of Gates To Suit Your Property Needs

Different Types of Gates To Suit Your Property Needs

No matter where you live or work, we all come in contact with gates at some point in time during the day to day whereabouts. Gates are typically underrated as just an entrance or exit in many areas but in the real sense, a gate plays a very important role in itself by being a security system and also, adds an aesthetic look to your property. In many cases, the gate selection goes hand in hand with the fence, in terms of either material, color, or design in order to achieve a uniform appeal. If you are looking to upgrade your old gate or simply install one from a new construction, this article is for you. Below are different types of gates to offer a direction.

Standard Gates

A standard gate is among the most common types that are built from materials similar to the fence despite nature whether, metal, wood, etc. A standard gate is normally designed with a single door that is used for entrance and exit. It comes in the same height as the fence and therefore anything shorter or taller, makes it less appealing and generally fails to serve the purpose. A standard gate should be secured and braced diagonally to keep it from sagging and warping with a latch system placed strategically in a way that both adults and kids are able to reach.

Swing Gates

Apart from standard gates, swing gates are among the most common types of gates only that they come with slight distinctions. Swing gates are popular in many properties and they are known for their ability to flexibly swing inwards and outwards in either a single or double door construction. They are known to be relatively affordable to install and for the ability to smoothly block vehicles from entering a property. In the modern world, swing gates come in different designs to match your fence, compound, or building design. As much as swing gates are popular for the design and functionality, they are more ideal in areas with frequent entrance and exit.

Cantilever and Rolling Gates

These are other types of gates that are modern yet popular in our time and age. These are gates that are designed with either roller allocated inside the fence for the cantilever or a parallel set of wheels both aiming at supporting the movement of the gate for rolling gates. These types of gates are quite common in both residential and public areas especially with either a high flow of people or a limited space that allows the gate to swing back and forth. Due to the weight applied by the gate panel, cantilever and rolling gates are normally supported by an electric system for an eased movement.

Double Gates

Due to the flow of people or items to and from your property or simply the availability of ample room within your compound, a double gate is a good option to have in mind. A double gate is a relatively popular design that comes with two wings where you can either open one or both based on entrance and exit needs. For double gates, each side of the gate is designed with a latch at the bottom that secures the gate from swinging back and forth and also offers ample freedom for passage.

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are essentially the future of gates for many residential and work buildings. These gates are designed with an advanced electrical system that lets people in and out a building without any human supervision. These types of gates come in different shapes and forms that allow people to enter and exit buildings with either a remote control, card, finger, and in more sophisticated areas, facial recognition. Automatic gates are known to be highly expensive with higher installation and operational costs, but on the other hand, they are known to minimize or completely eliminate the human workforce that could otherwise be employed.

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