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Digital marketing rules for agents

Digital marketing rules for agents


Digital marketing is the use of digital channels to market products and services. Some of the mediums widely used in digital marketing include display advertising and mobile phone applications. Digital marketing is often associated with the internet. However, digital marketing is any form of marketing that involves electronic devices. As such, digital marketing can be undertaken both online and offline. For a well-rounded digital marketing campaign, make use of both online and offline marketing. The number of people spending time using electronic devices is only getting higher and this is why digital marketing is highly effective. It is no wonder then that everyone is jumping on board, even in real estate. However, there are a few digital marketing rules for agents. With this in mind, it is essential that you know the guidelines and rules before developing your digital marketing campaign. When undertaken correctly digital marketing can yield great benefits and amazing results.

The digital marketing rules for agents

You cannot send emails to just anyone

To start with, there are laws in place that protect prospects for your real estate business from receiving unwarranted emails. Ensure that you research and fully understand these laws prior to launching email marketing campaigns. The construction of emails and who you can send them to is determined by the guidelines in place. The purpose of these laws and guidelines is to prevent spammers from sending people emails without their consent. Hefty fines will be imposed on you if you fail to operate within the prescribed guidelines.

 You cannot just call anyone

Secondly, you are not allowed to pick up the phone and just call anyone. In as much as calling a prospect may be the best way to make a human connection, you cannot do it without their consent. Various countries have databases of contact numbers for people who do not wish to contact for digital marketing purposes. This extends to the real estate sector as well. This means that if a person’s contact number appears on a list of persons who do not wish to be contacted then you cannot reach out and contact that person. Going against people’s wishes and contacting them when they do not want to can lead to serious consequences. Make sure that you are aware of the Do Not Call List in your country and adhere to it.

Comply with fair housing practices

When most people create digital marketing campaigns, they focus solely on targeted ad campaigns. However, be mindful of fair housing practices in your country or digital marketing platform you are making use of. Real estate companies are not allowed to exclude certain demographics from viewing their ads. So, how do you stay compliant? To start with, your targeted ad campaigns should not exclude specific demographics. Exclusions based on demographics include race, ethnicity, religion, and disability. Make sure to follow best practices for fair marketing.

Be a good digital marketing citizen

Digital content takes time to make and significant effort to maintain. It is therefore crucial that when you post any content you respond to any comments or responses. Responding on time to all comments from your readership is one way to b a good digital marketing citizen. Responding to comments and messages will make your readership continue to value your content. Moreover, it can help you generate more business and referrals.

Adhering to digital marketing best practices allows your business to grow the right way. In addition, these digital marketing rules will help you observe the law and stay out of trouble. Remember to carry out thorough research before you proceed to build your digital marketing strategy.


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