Effective Home Staging Tips

Effective Home Staging Tips

There are many marketing techniques employed whilst selling a private residence, one of them being home staging. This is among the most famous techniques that get home buyers to sign a deal as it gives them an opportunity to have personal contact with the property, unlike listings. Home staging involves all preparations made to a property for sale in the real estate marketplace. This article concentrates on the key home staging tips that will help home viewers have an unforgettable experience once they pay your property a visit. 


The Curb Appeal

If you are a home buyer or seller this might not be the first time you come across the terminology ‘Curb Appeal’ which simply means the attractiveness of a property and its surroundings. The first impression always counts, we see this in many areas of life but it is not less in the real estate market. When inviting people for home viewing, you want them to leave with an urge to come back. And since you are selling your property, then you want them back as the new owners. A good curb appeal boosts the chances of your property selling faster. Prior to the home viewing, make sure that your home surroundings are clean this includes the windows and doors, pathways and driveways are cleared from weeds and debris to give your paving an independent shine, the garden is green and the plants are healthy, and that the grass is mowed. If you have a fence or gate make sure it stands firmly, in case of walls, then cross-check if the paint or bricks are in place. 


Sell a Lifestyle 

Your home is like the outfit you wear to work, it represents your personality but even more your lifestyle. Home staging gives you an opportunity to portray who you are through the interior and exterior appearances of your property. Focusing on the former, a home staging will be successful once you concentrate on the little things that make a big difference. Identify faults that might turn off viewers like dripping taps, broken tiles, peeling wallpapers, bulbs that do not work, leaking sealing, in order to make immediate fixes prior to the viewing. This not only will give the viewers a judgment-free impression but will also reflect back to your property as one worth settling for. 


Declutter It All 

Now that you have a good curb appeal and the minor issues are fixed, let us move your focus on the disorganized areas that are key during the viewing process. Untidy interior surroundings not only consumes space but also diminishes the chances of a property to showcase itself. Home viewers might want to get into the details of your property like the closets, cabinets, laundry or pantry since these are mainly the storage spaces and therefore you want them to be neatly organized with specific belongings or simply freeing them completely. Also, get rid of all unused or broken items in the garage, storage or any other rooms to avoid unnecessary accumulation within the property’s space. It is important to be on the safe side during this process, therefore, make sure your property is neatly arranged at all times. 


Stage It

Having the house cleared from all the unnecessary items, now is the time to put things in order and ready for the viewing process. This is your selling point, how you stage your home can be a deal maker or a deal-breaker. Home viewers need to picture themselves in your property, therefore, you need to deliver just that. Give the viewers a home feel that matches their standards but also one that matches their needs and taste. Keep it simple to avoid looking unauthentic and avoid personalizing your interior with family pictures, personal items in bathrooms, or even the things you stick on the fridge. Stage all the necessary rooms with neat furniture and make sure every room has the right belongings, e.g. a full set of the dining table, a full bed set with both side tables if any, chairs along the kitchen counter, etc.


Keep It Fresh, Neutral and Bright

To finalize the viewing preparations now is the time to focus on the minor details that put everything in place. The interior designs need to be complemented by fresh plants and flowers to give your home a more welcoming and fresher feel. If you are looking to go a little extra with fresh paints then this is the time to focus on neutral colors like grey and white. Avoid loud colors as they might not be of interest to buyers or simply distract the viewers from key features within the house like the furniture. Finally, let there be light. Now is the time for your house to shine, therefore, you need to make use of the windows that draw more light within the house.  Keep in mind that light gives your home visibility but also highlights its features.

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