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How to make the most of small spaces

How to make the most of small spaces

When it comes to real estate and styling, there is always room for more. However, people that live in homes characterised by small spaces may feel this excludes them. After all, how can you work around the physical limitations? In spite of this, it’s not all doom and gloom. There is a way around every issue and a solution to every problem. With some motivation, a spark f veracity and hard work, anything is possible. Let’s take a look at ideas on maximising small spaces.

1. Maximise usage

To start with you need to cleverly make use of every single surface. From walls, doors, as well as ceilings, every single surface can be used. By being creative with cupboards, shelves, and hooks, you can get more storage without compromising on floor space. In addition, you need to declutter and leave some breathing space. After all, clutter smothers a small space and gives the illusion of it being smaller than it actually is.

2. Multi-purpose furniture

Another great idea for making the most of small spaces is using multiple purpose furniture. For example, you can use a piece that serves both as a desk and as a dining table. This eliminates the need for individual pieces of furniture that serve a sole purpose and occupy lots of space. Moreover, multifunctional furniture enhances the efficient utilisation of space. It also minimises the cost associated with furnishing a home.

3. White wall paint

Thirdly, using white as the designated wall colour is a great way to create the illusion of space. In addition, to making a space seem bigger, white makes a space lighter and brighter. Moreover, white makes such a lovely base that allows other colours to stand out. White or any other light colour that reflects light, make a room look bigger and more inviting.

4. Use mirrors

One of the oldest and most effective ways to create a sense of space is to use mirrors. Mirrors will also make any space seem larger than they actually are. Mirrors achieve this trick by bouncing light deep into a room, thereby making it appear larger. You can also establish a focal point and then angle your mirrors accordingly towards it. This will help create a feeling of depth and space.

5. Add light

You can start by letting natural light in through a window. Additionally, you can add ambient, task, and accent light fixtures so as to maximise light. Sufficient lighting is necessary as it makes a small room look and feel bigger.

6. Use wide horizontal lines

Another simple and minimalist approach is to use wide horizontal lines in your staying and decor. Wide horizontal lines encourage the eye to continue horizontally. This subsequently gives the illusion of a more significant and large space.

7. Continuous flooring

You can also have a single continuous floor material throughout your home. A continuous floor will enable you to connect and link spaces and rooms. Thus you will encourage the eye to continue uninterrupted. Thereby creating an impression and sense of space.

8. Define space using floor rugs

Unknown to many, floor rugs are an excellent way to define space. A small rug will make a room appear small, and vice versa. As such, ensure you make use of large rugs to create the illusion of a room being larger than it actually is.


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