Best real estate marketing tactics

Best real estate marketing tactics

To attain success in the real estate space you need to stay ahead of the competition. This is because real estate is a highly competitive sector. Utilizing modern marketing tools and techniques are important to stay relevant. Any form of innovative action you take to keep your marketing plan modern will be rewarded. As such here are some of the best real estate marketing tactics to give you a competitive edge in 2019.

Online presence

There was a time not too long ago when all you needed was a physical office and the clients would come to you. However, in the modern era, it is difficult for any entity to survive without an online presence. As it is, approximately 80% of home buyers and tenants start their property search online. Therefore having an online presence is a great way to get tenants and close sales. Moreover, your online existence should serve as your virtual office, providing crucial and relevant information. Remember that millennial as well as the generation y groups are fast becoming the largest group buying or renting real estate. As such be tech savvy and meet their needs in a way that is relevant to them, online. Invest in a simple and easy to use visual website with lots of pictures and videos.


If you have not already started using videos in your marketing campaigns then you need to do so immediately. The impact of videos on buyers and renters cannot be overlooked or ignored. Videos are a great way for people to visualize what you’re offering. Your use of videos is also a great way to generate organic leads, as well as traffic. In addition, videos are an effective way to generate interest as they can easily be shared on social media. Although there are several free and paid apps out there to help you make videos, for really stunning results, engage a professional firm.

Social media

One of the greatest phenomenons over the last decade has been social media. And those that have embraced social media and taken advantage of it have achieved great financial success. In the real estate sense, social media is a great way to put a face to your brand as an agent or realtor. Furthermore, you can use social media to highlight your portfolio and link it to real reviews from past clients. Another important aspect of social media is that you can use it to show your authenticity, as well as reach out to a lot of people. Lastly, social media is a great opportunity to add a personal touch to your brand, and build relationships.


Having an online presence, as well as social media accounts is great but it is not enough. Chances are all your competition is also utilizing the same platforms. That being said you need to go the extra mile and be very creative. Keep thinking and coming up with unique solutions that best meet your client’s needs. You must be able to offer results-driven solutions that are a step ahead of the competition. Knowing what the market, in general, is looking for, how people communicate and staying ahead of the times is also important. One such creative way is to offer virtual tours of the property. This will enable you to showcase every aspect of the house to prospective clients without the expense of holding an open house. In addition, it is also quite convenient for your clients as they will not have to drive out to come to see the property.

It is also important to remember that most web users do so from their smartphones. Keeping this in mind, ensure that your website or other online platforms are optimized for mobile use. This will ensure that your clients have a satisfying and user-friendly experience. Moreover, sign up with Google to make sure that you are listed on their search engines, and on Google Maps. This will give your brand a sense of legitimacy. In addition, it will make it easier for clients to find you.

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