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Understanding High Ceilings

Understanding High Ceilings
  • Understanding High Ceilings

Beautifying your home with high ceilings is a clever architectural marvel that looks great. The importance of high or raised ceilings goes beyond just the cosmetic aspect, but it is a fantastic way to increase your property value. In this article we will explore and get a better grasp and Understanding High Ceilings.

High ceilings

High ceilings are ceilings that are raised above the standard 2.4 – 2.7 meters floor-to-ceiling height. New research has ranked ceiling height as one of the top three characteristics to consider when designing new homes. It is imperative to not underestimate the significance of raised ceilings.

Advantages of high ceilings

  1. Higher ceilings exude an overall sense of freedom and independence.
  2. Increased height generates the illusion of a room being more spacious.
  3. High ceilings give a cooling effect to the space.
  4. High ceilings help to permit ample light to enter the space.
  5. In resale situations, high ceilings are great for boosting prospective house sales.

Tips for Decorating Rooms With High Ceilings

Having high ceilings can make a room feel grand and luxurious, but if not decorated properly,  it can also make a room feel cold and empty. In order to avoid the latter, you need to blend the upper and lower areas by drawing the eyes upwards.

Use artwork

Hang art and other decorative items high up on the wall. Whatever your decorative preferences and style, artwork helps draw the eyes upwards.

Hang window treatments at ceiling height

This will require a lot of fabric but it will create a very dramatic effect and make your room look fantastic. Tip: Use a solid colour for this.

Use architectural details

Consider adding some architectural details such as exposed beams or bead boards to the ceiling to help it feel more connected to the rest of the space. Architectural details also add depth and character to otherwise plain spaces.

Make use of statement light fixtures

A large statement fixture hanging in a prominent spot is an ideal way to connect the upper and lower portions of a room. Tip: A statement light fixture centered in the middle of the room or over the coffee table is always a good bet.

Feature walls

A feature wall from floor to ceiling will help unite the two parts of the room. This dramatically gorgeous effect can be achieved inexpensively with a can of good quality paint. Tip: Textured wall paper can help achieve great results that work well to enhance the beauty of a space.

Use shelves

Shelving can be used creatively to fill empty wall space and add beauty to a space. The type of shelving used will depend greatly on the space to be filled.

It is clear to appreciate how high ceilings  are the perfect way to transform your home into one that is spacious and luxurious. There is clearly no logical reason to settle for a home that makes you feel confined, trapped or isolated.


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