Best of Abuja, Nigeria

Best of Abuja, Nigeria

Situated in the focal part of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. Abuja is also home to in excess of 3 million Nigerians, including the first family. Abuja is deliberately situated at the junction of Nigeria’s ethnic and religious groups. In addition, Abuja is also home to the nation’s Presidential Branch, National Assembly, and Supreme Court. From an excellent road network, beautiful rolling terrain, and modern Nigerian architecture, here is the best of Abuja, Nigeria.

Brief history

Succeeding the Nigerian-Biafra War, the government sought to reposition its capital in a location not prevailed by any one ethnic gathering. As such, Abuja was picked as the site of Nigeria’s new capital in view of its central location. In addition, Abuja offered simple accessibility, a pleasant climate, a low population density. Moreover, the availability of land for future development and expansion made it the ideal location.

Climate and demographics

A tropical wet and dry atmosphere characterises the area in and around Abuja. This features a warm and humid season, as well as a blistering dry season. The city’s population is currently estimated to be approximately 2.5 million since its development in the 1980s. Moreover, the city is experiencing an annual growth of at least 35%. Abuja has subsequently retained its position as the fastest-growing city on the African continent, as well as on a global scale.

Accessing Abuja


In the first place, Abuja is easily accessible by air via the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. Examples of some of the notable major airlines that service Abuja includes; Lufthansa, British Airways, and South African Airways. It is also possible to access other Nigerian cities by air through domestic flights.


In addition, the city is connected by road to other major cities within Nigeria. Furthermore, Abuja’s design as a modern city with immaculate roads means that road travel around the city is simplified.


Lastly, Abuja is on the route of the proposed Lagos – Kano Standard Gauge Railway. The railway will run all the way from the Atlantic Ocean port of Lagos to Kano, near the Niger border.

Economy and Commerce

For quite a long time, Nigeria’s economy, in general, has been founded on oil. However, the administration is currently moving far from its oil reliance to open its economy up to diversification.

Real estate

Land and property are noteworthy drivers of the Abuja economy. This corresponds with the impressive development and investment the city has seen as it has continuously grown. Domestic as well as foreign investment are the sources of this continued growth in the real estate sector. The property sector keeps on positively affecting the city, as it is an important source for work and employment.


Other noteworthy economic activities in Abuja include; agriculture, manufacturing, and mining of solid minerals.

Schools and education

Abuja has a wide selection of both private and state-run education centres. The most notably recognisable private institution is the American International School of Abuja. Additionally, Abuja is home to the African Institute of Science and Technology, University of Abuja, and the National Open University of Nigeria. Other schools in Abuja include; Baze University, Nile University, as well as, Veritas University.

Things to do

Millennium Park

Firstly, Abuja is home to a few parks and green zones with the biggest one being Millennium Park. Officially opened by Queen Elizabeth the II, the park was designed by world-famous architect Manfredi Nicoletti.


Secondly, Abuja has a very intriguing and diverse architecture. Numerous buildings inclusive of the National Mosque, the National Christian Centre, as well as the National Stadium, showcase the City’s diverse architecture.

Daily Markets

Markets throughout the city offer everything from pottery to local fruits and breads. What’s more, there is some interesting artwork all over Abuja. As well as wood carvings, paintings, and leatherwork.

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