The city of Ibadan Nigeria


Ibadan is the capital and most crowded city of Oyo State, Nigeria. With a populace of more than 3 million, it is the third most crowded city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano. As far as urban areas go, Ibadan is one of the greatest in Africa when assessed in terms of land mass area. In this article we take a closer look at the city of Ibadan Nigeria.


Ibadan is situated in south-western Nigeria, 128 km inland upper east of Lagos. The city is located on Seven Hills, 160 kilometers from the Atlantic coast. Moreover, Ibadan lies inside the tropical forest zone, but near the woods and the savanna.


As stated by antiquarians, Lagelu established the city in 1829. Initially the city was planned to be a war camp for warriors originating from Oyo, Ife and Ijebu. Additionally, it’s strategic location advanced its development as a  marketing centre for traders and goods from both the forest and grassland areas. Ibadan became a noteworthy and speawling urban focus of much greatness. As such, Ibadan commanded the Yorùbá area militarily, politically and financially. Colonial Ibadan was further developed by the British to simplify their commercial activities in the area.

Economic activity

The economic activities in Ibadan incorporate agriculture, trade, handicrafts, manufacturing, and administration ventures, as well as  service industries. In addition, Ibadan is strategically positioned on the railroad line connecting Lagos and Kano. Moreover, the city is a noteworthy place for exchange in cassava, cocoa, cotton, timber, rubber, and palm oil. Furthermore, there are many banks and insurance firms spread out over the cityscape that cater to the city’s huge number of occupants. Some local crafts still prosper. These incorporate weaving, spinning and dyeing, ceramics making, and blacksmithing.


The city of Ibadan is a noteworthy Nigerian transport center that is easily connected to other Nigerian cities. Firstly, there are interstates connecting it with Lagos in the South West, as well as, Ijebu Ode and Shagamu in the South. The city is likewise served by an air terminal, The Ibadan Airport, which works every day flights to Abuja, Lagos, Kano. Further, the city is a noteworthy terminus railroad station on the fundamental rail route line connecting Lagos with Kano in the North of the nation.


In the first place, the University of Ibadan and a technical institution are situated in the city. There are also various other specialised tertiary institutions. Fun facts: The college library maintains the biggest collection of books in the nation. There is likewise a part of the National Archives on the college grounds.

Things to do

1. Agodi gardens

Agodi Gardens, also known as Agodi Botanical Gardens, is a vacation destination situated on Parliament road in Ibadan, Nigeria. The peaceful site sits on 150 acres of land and is generally frequented by families.

2. University of Ibadan Zoo

The UI zoo is a wildlife sanctuary that boasts various species of wildlife. Moreover, the zoo is a marvelous place to visit for the wildlife enthusiasts, young at heart, as well as those eager to learn the history of the animals.

3. National Museum of Unity

The National Museum of Unity is a premier historical center in Ibadan. The historical center is split into four exhibitions to be specific: the Unity Gallery, Masquerade Gallery, Pottery Gallery and Yoruba Gallery.

4. Mapo Hall

Mapo Hall is a colonial styled city hall which lies on Mapo Hill, in Ibadan. Moreover, Mapo Hall was authorised amid the pioneer time by Captain Ross in the year 1929.

Likewise there are also zoological and botanical gardens, two main stadiums, and a large number of athletic facilities.


a. Oluyole

Oluyole is both a working class and higher class local location in Ibadan city. It is also an industrial and commercial district.

b. Agodi

Agodi is a standout amongst the most agreeable areas to reside in Ibadan. Additionally, it is also one of its extraordinary social focuses. Furthermore, it’s an extraordinary spot to base yourself when you investigate this entrancing city.

c.  New Bodija

New Bodija is a mainstream estate in Bodija, a locale situated in Ibadan. The domain is home to numerous striking schools inside the state.

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